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End of Life Planning

Article from Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer about end of life decisions.

Wills That Favor One Child Over Another

Strategies for drafting a will that favors one child over another child(ren). I advise my clients to leave all children at least some amount (not the nominal $1), but provide that the bequest is conditioned on the child not contesting the will. If the child contests the will, he will lose his bequest.

Rules for Retirement Account Beneficiary Designations

An overview of rules which apply to clients who re-marry but have children from a prior marriage. There is a distinction between 401(k) plans and IRAs because ERISA rules do not apply to IRAs which make them more flexible.

Planning for Disabled Children

Some strategies for leaving assets to a disabled child.

Tips for 2nd Marriages

Some quick advice for those getting re-married or whose parent is getting re-married.

How to Leave Frequent Flyer Miles to Heirs

Among the suggestions: mention them in your will, give them away during life, or add a secondary user to a mileage generating credit card. I think that the risk of the third idea outweighs the benefits.

Asset Protection 101

Basic asset protection tips.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your 401(k)

Tips on how to avoid mistakes with your 401(k) distributions.

Of Pet Trusts and Frozen Embryos

Do not forget to address in your estate plan arcane issues such as pet care and children born from frozen embryos.

Complete Your Beneficiary Designation Form!

Article about the importance of completing your beneficiary designation forms when doing estate planning.

How to Avoid Will Contests

Tips on avoiding will contests and disgruntled heirs.

Estate Planning Tips for 2011

Tips for estate planning after 2010 estate tax legislation.

Retirement Planning Tips for Singles

Retirement advice for single people.

No More Ohio Estate Tax

Ohio repealed its estate tax effective January 1, 2013.

Documents to Have Before You Die

Be sure that your family knows where your important documents, including estate planning and financial documents, are located.

Haggling Nursing Home Costs?

Apparently nursing home costs can be negotiated.

Alternatives to Bank Financed Reverse Mortgages

As banks exit the reverse mortgage business, children may enter into reverse mortgages with their parents who are home equity rich, but income poor.

Eat Your Broccoli and Take Your Required IRA Distributions

If you turn 70 1/2 this year, be sure to take your required minimum distributionfrom your IRA. The failure to do so will result in a 50% penalty.

100% Estate Tax Rate?

Megan McArdle makes an argument for a 100% estate tax rate. The first time I heard this argument was from my estate planning professor in 1986. I thought it was ludicrous then and I find it even more troublesome now.

Women Suffer Most When Couples Fail to Plan

If couples do not have proper financial planning, the woman is most often hurt the most and her lifestyle will be reduced permanently.

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