apple Leonardo-Fabbretti-jpgIn a topic that is evergreen, an Italian man adopted a boy from Ethiopia in 2007.  The boy tragically died of cancer last year at the age of 13.  The boy owned an iPhone 6 which both he and his father accessed by finger print ID.  After his son died, the father lost access to the phone because he claims the phone restarted during an access attempt.  The father has since written to Tim Cook begging him to assist with unlocking the phone so he can see the last two months of his son’s photos and life.   Apple has been unable to assist him.  In lieu of unlocking the phone, the guy has said he will accept a donation to an orphanage benefiting Ethiopian children.

Three repetitive points and one new one:

  1. People should share their passwords if they want loved ones to access their electronic devices after death, especially if they are terminally ill.
  2. This guy is delusional if he thinks Apple will assist him with unlocking his son’s phone to simply view photos and texts (which likely say “hey”,) when they would not assist the FBI  in accessing the phone of a mass murderer.
  3.  Am I the only one who thinks that this guy is an FBI/NSA plant testing Apple and its devotion to privacy?
  4. Donation to an Ethiopian orphanage?  If Italians feel guilty about Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia, let them fund orphanages rather than shake down US companies.