Individuals need different estate planning instruments at different times of their lives, essentially building on what they had earlier.

1.  An 18 year old should have a health care power of attorney and HIPPA disclosure form so parents can assist with medical decisions.

2.  Unmarried and recently married couples need wills and health care documents to take care of each other during sickness and after death.

3.  Couples with young children need wills and trusts to designate a guardian and to provide for their children.

4.  Divorcing couples need to revise documents to remove the soon to be ex-spouse from them.

5.  Re-marrying couples need a pre-nuptial agreement and perhaps a trust to provide for the new spouse, but ultimately distribute assets to children from a prior marriage.

In summary, for the recent high school grad, the soon to be betrothed, or soon to be re-married, the ideal present is a gift card for legal services.