Reluctantly resorting to advice columns for material.  A woman with 4 children mentioned that her friend with 3 children had asked her to be the guardian of the 3 children.  The first woman declined the possibility of serving as guardian after discussing the 3 additional children with her husband.  The second woman has since ignored her friend.  The first woman sought advice/affirmation for her decision.

Several points:

  1.  Many factors go into the choice of guardian – family relationships, geographic location, religious beliefs, education beliefs, age of the guardians and their children, and parenting philosophies.  
  2.  The current size of the potential guardian’s family is also a key consideration.
  3.  The second woman in this story is deluded in thinking that a couple with four children of their own is a good choice to serve as guardian for her three children.  
  4. Seven kids might have worked out for the Von Trapps but then they had to wear recycled drapes as clothes while singing for their supper.