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Documents to Have Before You Die

Be sure that your family knows where your important documents, including estate planning and financial documents, are located.

Haggling Nursing Home Costs?

Apparently nursing home costs can be negotiated.

Alternatives to Bank Financed Reverse Mortgages

As banks exit the reverse mortgage business, children may enter into reverse mortgages with their parents who are home equity rich, but income poor.

Eat Your Broccoli and Take Your Required IRA Distributions

If you turn 70 1/2 this year, be sure to take your required minimum distributionfrom your IRA. The failure to do so will result in a 50% penalty.

100% Estate Tax Rate?

Megan McArdle makes an argument for a 100% estate tax rate. The first time I heard this argument was from my estate planning professor in 1986. I thought it was ludicrous then and I find it even more troublesome now.

Women Suffer Most When Couples Fail to Plan

If couples do not have proper financial planning, the woman is most often hurt the most and her lifestyle will be reduced permanently.

Ohio Estate Tax Repeal?

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a nice article about the Ohio Estate Tax. The tax applies only to taxpayers with assets valued at more than $338K. Proponents of the tax claim repeal would only benefit the “wealthy.” How they consider a $338K net worth as wealthy is laughable. A house and a retirement plan should put most taxpayers over the threshold.

List of Tax Scams Published by IRS

The IRS released its list of Dirty Dozen Tax Scams.

Hesitation to Use New Gift Tax Exemption?

Some wealthy individuals are hesitant to use the new $5 million gift tax exemption because they fear damaging the initiative and ambition of their children.

Will Your Roth IRA Always Be Tax Free?

Megan McCardle thinks not. Money quote: “So I think that ultimately retirees are going to end up consuming less than they currently expect to. And given the political economy of it all, I expect the burden to fall more heavily on those who have saved than on those who haven’t.”

Your Digital Life Post Death part 2

Popular Mechanics discusses problems with passwords and other digital data post-death. Site and companies providing solutions are here and here.

Think Before You Buy?

Boomers have acquired too many possessions they no longer want and are selling them for pennies on the dollar.

Digital Data – Post Death

Nice article about the need for heirs to access passwords and digital data after death.

Problems With the US Tax Code

Business Week had a recent article about how wealthy people can legally avoid/minimize taxes.

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